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We get mails like this every now and then:

Sent: 16 April 2006 07:50 PM
To: Adventure Travel Africa
Subject: Re:

Hallo Jaco!

I had a good trip home on the bus and I am now back in full swing with my work.
Pretoria was a very interesting experience and I really enjoyed staying at your lodge.
Hope you all keep going well!


We are written up in at least 12 guide books. I have been accused of bribing a guide book writer (!)- that is how good one write up is! My references are on my walls though - travellers have written on them for years. I will put some pics of that up as soon as i have taken them; haven't been bothered up to now. Whatever we have done though has passed the guide book writers by. When I put bar fridges in the inside doubles writers came past and in the next edition mention only my "huts" in the garden. No mention was made of 8, then 6 pc's that was for quite a while not only the fastest at any backpackers, but countrywide. So after about 4 years we scaled down. So thanks to the writers you will now find the basics here. Anything more you pay for.

You will NOT find us in any new editions of the Lonely Planet. We do not take crap from unprofessional writers who endanger backpacker's lives, insult my country, and come up with bullshit - like that the northern suburbs of Jo'burg is a volkstaat( a pure racial boer state) LP SA 2000
So a Supreme court case further on & LP took all references of us out their "guides". Criminals are not stupid and are using it to target recommended places.

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